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GEEroots -- the GEEnetics Portal

  Chester Races -- Gee-Gees at the Roodee

Discovering the roots of the Gee Family through DNA studies.

Our goal is to use genetics to map the major Gee families in England, America, Australia and elewhere. Then any male Gee will be able to test to discover through which branch they are related. Our initial results show that not all Gee's share a common ancestor. (And not even a common pronunciation!) We are especially looking for particpants from:

  • France (especially near the river Gée in the Loire Valley, Coulans-sur-Gée or Brains-sur-Gée)
  • Leicestershire
  • Manchester/Chester/Liverpool area
  • Yorkshire (especially near Hull or Bishop Burton)
  • Devonshire
  • Australia (especially a Pritchard Gee descendant)
  • New Hampshire in the U.S.

DNA Results (Link directly to DNA Results)

Leicestershire Gee's (Rothley)

Cheshire Gee's (Chester, Stockport, Gee Cross)

Yorkshire Gee's (Kingston-upon-Hull, Bishop Beverly)

Gee's in America (Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Texas)


Male Gee's can join the Gee Family DNA Study. "Scholarships" are available for male Gee's from any of the areas on the list above Or you can order your test kit online, qualifying for the Gee study special group ratefrom FamilyTreeDNA, the most reliable and well-respected test lab in the world.

We recommend choosing, if possible, the "Y-DNA25 -- Male 25 marker paternal test" over the more limited "Y-DNA12 -- Male 12 marker paternal test", because the greater number of markers increases the accuracy of family matching. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.